A tool to help you
Plan workshops

The Workshop Canvas is tool for planning workshops which provides structure to the planning process. The tool provides you with a template for a balanced workshop, based on research from established workshop facilitators.

This is a non-profit project by the designer Line Cecilie Barfod. If you have a lot of experience with workshops and want to contribute, you are welcome to get in touch.

Why create the Workshop Canvas planning tool ?

My interest in workshops has been built over a long period of time, as I have seen how effective a format a workshop is when it is used to activate participants. I have also seen workshops that did not work at all, and should probably have been described as a meeting or lecture instead.

There is not only one way to plan workshops. By following the basic structure of this tool, which is based on analysing workshops by experienced facilitators, you will have a rough outline for a workshops. This tool does not replace the professional workshop planner, the same way a recipe does not replace a chef. As you get your own experience planning workshops within your specific field, you will learn how you can make changes in the structure of the workshops that suits your purpose.

What supplies do you need?


Print the Workshop Canvas bundle pdf’s. Only the instruction manual is in colour.


You need post-its in 5 colours. Preferably yellow, pink, blue, orange and green.

3. Thick pen

We reccomend writing with a semi-thick pen in block letters.

3 reasons to try the Workshop Canvas


The tool provides you with a basic workshop structure of 60 minutes, which ensures a balance between facilitators talk, activities and reflection.


By using the tool you will have a quick overview of the most important areas to discuss when planning your workshop.


Because the tool provides a visual overview of what you plan to do in your workshop, and can thus become a talking tool for when you plan workshops collaboratively.

We are currently looking for beta tester of the workshop canvas who are willing to give feedback in return for early access to the analogue tool. The feedback will be used to create the digital part of the tool. Anyone with interest in workshops can sign up, both with or without prior experience with workshops.

Please fill out the form and we will contact you with a download link to the tool within a few weeks.

(For urgent access – reach out to the creator Line C. Barfod through Linkedin.)

    You can also email LCB@workshopcanvas.com directly
    Response time
    We will get back to you as soon as possible.
    Copenhagen, Denmark.